72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to feature Practical Pleat filtration products.

    Below are some of our more popular filter options for your replacement home air filters. Each item can be shipped directly to your doorstep saving you money & time while providing you with filters that outperform even the highest-rated Home Improvement store varieties.

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    • A self-sealing gasket prevents unfiltered air from by-passing the filtering process.
    • Turns your house into a “whole house” air filter lasting up to 1 year.
    • Rated at or above MERV 11 Standards.
    • Available in 2″ depth for custom installations.
    • The Practical Pleat’s Surface area is 433% greater than a comparable one-inch extended surface pleat and consequently reduces resistance to airflow by 41%.
    • This Filter is scientifically proven to reduce Energy Bills by reducing the contaminants on the evaporator coil.
    • Long term you will save money on the care and upkeep of your heating and cooling system as well by reducing the need for excessive cleaning on your bi-annual HVAC Tune-Up.
    Shipped directly to your door Call 910-463-5665 now to order – or ask your service technician to show you a sample of this incredible product.
    • Convenient: Eliminates the hassle and expense of traveling to a retail outlet to purchase air filters. They are delivered to your door!
    • Durable: The permanent non-metallic frame will not corrode, oxidize or deteriorate.
    • Always Have a Clean Filter: Studies indicate that a clean filter can reduce energy consumption, for that unit by up to 4%.
    • Extensive Warranty: The permanent frame is unconditionally warranted for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

    Micropower Guard

    • Voltage is applied to the screen, thus energizing the media and capturing 97% of the most dangerous-to-breathe submicron airborne particles at .3 microns
    • Like a television screen, electrostatic principles cause particles to stick to the media, and then to each other
    • Activated carbon center of the disposable media pad helps absorb odors and gases
    • Not just a passive furnace filter, but a combination of 2 principals: filtration and electrostatic attraction
    • Fits easily into your existing one-inch furnace filter area
    • Replacement media pads available in economical three-packs and four-packs
    • Each disposable media pad remains at peak operating efficiency for 3 to 4 months before replacement is needed.
    • MicroPower Guard with 4 Replacement Media only $795.00 – Call 910-463-5665 now to order