Dual fuel or hybrid systems combine a heat pump with a gas furnace in a single unit.

    These systems are mainly electricity-powered, but they do use gas as a secondary fuel source when the temperatures dip.

    How Does a Dual Fuel or Hybrid System Work?
    • Comprised of both a heat pump and air conditioning unit, the systems work in both the winter and summer.
    • During colder months, the system uses a centralized unit outside the house to absorb heat, pull it inside, and circulate warm air throughout a home.
    • During warmer months, the systems heat pump acts as a transfer unit, moving interior hot air to the outside of the home, thereby creating cooler temperatures inside.

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    What are some of the benefits of a dual fuel or hybrid system
    • Extremely environmentally friendly and highly efficient
    • Great option for cutting energy costs and keeping electricity and fuel bills under control