Smart technologies are making life easier and more convenient (assuming you know how to operate the technologies).

Digital assistants like Alexa or Siri help you get information or entertainment. Doorbell cameras let you see who’s at the front door (wherever you are). Smart locks use geofencing technology to unlock your door as you arrive in the driveway. Home security systems can be set or disabled from any location. Your lighting has smart switches. Robotic vacuums scoop up pet hair while you’re at work. Then there’s the centerpiece for running your smart home: the smart thermostat.

Since the first WiFi-enabled thermostat controls were introduced to homeowners about seven years ago, your options for managing your heating and cooling anytime, anywhere have been ever-expanding.

Essentially, you operate thermostat controls through an app on your smartphone or tablet or through access via a web browser. Thus, you can turn the system on or off, raise or lower temperatures on the spot, set schedules based on family activity or override the schedule when someone heads home early.

Some smart thermostats offer basic scheduling and programming options for your home comfort, while others will connect to additional devices for an integrated home system. In some cases, you can connect to your digital assistants like Alexa to use voice commands to change temperature settings.

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