How to save hundreds on your power bills this summer.

When you’re about to take a road trip, you gas up your car and get the oil changed. If you are going to run a marathon, you stretch, eat a lot of carbs the night before, and hydrate before you start the race. But what about your air conditioning system?

As we approach summer, your air conditioner is about to take its biggest annual trip, virtually non-stop! So, it needs to be prepared, or you can expect an expensive breakdown.

Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system is the single biggest factor to it being able to operate efficiently. Plus, it helps your system last 20+ years, which can save you thousands. Customers who get a tune-up BEFORE the A/C season hits enjoy significantly lower power bills. They save even more by preventing costly breakdowns.

How does all this magic happen? Over time, as your system does its job throughout the year, it gets dirty. Though designed to work long hours of continuous use, it is NOT designed to operate with dirt and debris clogging up the system. Dirt build-up is the number one cause of system failure.

Our 21-Point Air Conditioning Power-Saver System Tune-Up includes getting your system adjusted, reset to factory specs, and intricately CLEANED and lubricated to improve every aspect of your system’s performance.

Plus, this is your chance to ward off the one thing homeowners hate more than paying their mortgage … paying BIG BILLS for preventable repairs or replacement systems in their home.

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