Annual Heating and AC Parts Buyback Program From 72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning

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We realize that there are clients of ours (even customers from other heating and air firms) that choose to repair their HVAC systems to restore their heating or cooling because the technician was at their home, and it seemed like the quickest way to get their home comfortable again.

Question: If it wasn’t for the heat of the summer or the cool winter nights would you have considered options for replacement vs. repair because your system may be reaching the end of its life and future repairs are going to be more frequent and more costly?

Any system that is greater than 10 years of age or experiencing yearly repairs is subject to the following:
  • There may be no warranty remaining on the system therefore you will receive no help from the manufacturer for any repairs you may have.
  • You are paying an average of 20% to 35% more for energy than a new more advanced higher efficient system.
The following are examples of the “True Cost” of owning an older system that you keep for the next 3 years:

Estimated utilities $200/month x 20% = $40.00 in utility over-payment per month

2015 repairs:
$300.00 parts buy back
Utility Over-Payment:
YEAR 1 $480.00
YEAR 2 $480.00
YEAR 3 $480.00
Estimate Future Repairs
Inflation (Unknown):

Total Cost Over 3-YEARS: $1,990.00

Which makes more sense?

Replace in 3-Years + $1990.00 = $?????.00

Replace Now – $1,990.00 = $????.00

  • If you replace the system now you get to take the money you would have used to maintain your current system PLUS any utility over-payment and put it towards the replacement.
  • If you replace in three years you will be adding the cost to maintain, utility over-payment, and inflation (are things getting more expensive or less expensive?) to the cost of a new system.
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What are the benefits of replacing your system now?
  • Guaranteed 25% utility savings in writing.
  • We will return the investment on your repairs up to $1,000.00.
  • We will finance your new system for 12-Months with 0% Interest.
  • You have a new system with a 10-year warranty.
  • You have a piece of mind knowing that your system will not be faced with unexpected breakdowns.

So in the above example, we return a repair investment of $300.00 and they get to finance the complete system. They also get to save $480 in utility over-payment for the first year. They will also not have to make any payments for the first 12 months. So they will have $780.00 additional dollars over the next year and use it for other things like a well-deserved vacation.