HVAC System Load Calculation & Sizing Importance

One of the most important things to consider when installing a new HVAC system in your house is ensuring the system is the proper size for your home. Installing a system that is too small or too big can hurt the effectiveness of the system in heating or cooling your home.

Load calculating is the process that 72 Degrees Heating & Air Conditioning uses to determine the proper size HVAC system for your particular needs.

This step-by-step process involves:
  • Properly Installed and Adjusted R-410a refrigerant systems.
  • Carefully inspect potential areas of heat loss within your home, including leaky ducts, cracks in windowpanes, etc.
  • Carefully inspect potential areas of potential heat penetration within your home, including areas with the most sunlight, open spaces around door frames, etc.
  • Ascertaining the measurements of all cooling and heating areas within your home to determine the appropriate size of the system to make sure it will work at maximum efficiency. We do this on a room-by-room basis to ensure accuracy.
  • Use specialized tools, including software, to accurately determine the appropriate size equipment for your needs
There are several benefits to making sure your HVAC system is properly sized, including:
  • Reduced on/off cycling, which results in greater efficiency and lower energy bills
  • Reduced “short cycling” can lead to a longer life for the system and less need for maintenance repairs
  • Improved overall temperature optimization throughout your house

Load calculations are a crucial component of the service we offer before installing any type of HVAC system. We will also gladly perform load calculations during your seasonal HVAC system tune-up.

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