Why It’s So Important to Have Your Heating System Professionally Maintained

If you’re like most homeowners, you rely on your heating system to provide you with necessary warmth during the cold winter season. Just like any other system in your home, your heating equipment should undergo professional maintenance each year. If you’re not exactly sure why, we’re going to share with you the top reasons that you should invest in professional maintenance for your home’s heating system.

Cleaner Indoor Air to Breathe

Having your heating system maintained by a professional can go a long way toward enhancing your indoor air quality level. First and foremost, they will change out your dirty air filter for a fresh one that will offer better filtering capability. Running your heating system with a dirty filter can restrict airflow and make your equipment overwork to adequately heat your home.

Additionally, your HVAC technician will thoroughly clean the inside of your unit to remove dirt and other stuck-on debris. The less debris in your system, the cleaner your air is going to be. This is especially helpful for those who have severe allergies and respiratory illnesses.

Longer Lasting Heating Equipment

Most HVAC systems will last between 10 and 15 years. However, this assumes that the system receives regular maintenance for all of its internal components. There are many parts inside your heating system that require regular lubrication and cleaning. When parts aren’t properly maintained, it can drastically reduce their life span, causing premature system failure.

Active Warranty Coverage

Most homeowners don’t realize that their heating system manufacturer requires the system to be professionally maintained on a yearly basis. If you skip over this annual maintenance, it can actually void the existing warranty on your system. Whenever you have a problem that requires repairs, you’ll be stuck paying out of pocket because you won’t have proof that your system was adequately maintained by a professional.

Alert to Potential Problems

Another great benefit of investing in annual HVAC maintenance is that it allows your technician to alert you of any foreseeable problems. For example, your blower motor fan belt may be starting to fray. While your heating system can run with a frayed belt for a short while, the belt will eventually tear and cause your HVAC system to stop running. By identifying this issue early on during an inspection, you can address the small problem before it turns into a complete system failure.

Reduced Risk of Breakdowns

Homeowners who invest in yearly professional HVAC maintenance experience fewer unexpected breakdowns than those who don’t have a thorough routine tune-up. This is due to two main reasons. First, HVAC technicians are trained to fully inspect your system and alert you of issues so that these can be addressed before your system malfunctions. Second, proper maintenance helps to extend the life of each internal component to keep your system running faultlessly for longer.

More Energy-Efficient Operation

After your heating system has worked the past winter and sat collecting dust and other debris during the summer, it can operate very poorly. Any stuck-on debris can restrict airflow and cause your equipment to overwork to produce adequate heat for your entire home.

When you invest in professional HVAC maintenance service, all of these problems are addressed. After your technician is done, your heating system will be running at its best. This means energy-efficient operation for you, which can lead to more savings in your wintertime budget.

Enhanced Indoor Comfort

When your heating system isn’t running efficiently, it can skew your ability to relax in your home. Reduced airflow due to system debris can make it difficult for your heating system to deliver adequate warmth throughout all parts of your residence. If your system consistently shuts off due to overheating because it’s working much harder than it should be, it’s going to be difficult for your home to reach the set temperature on your thermostat.

However, when you have routine professional maintenance performed on your heating system, it increases its ability to properly warm your home and regulate its temperature. Your family will be more comfortable in an environment with better heat production and regulation.

Peace of Mind

If your furnace runs on natural gas or heating oil, it requires combustion to make heat for your home. This combustion lets off toxic exhaust fumes that must be vented to the outdoors. When you have yearly maintenance performed, an experienced technician will check over your exhaust to ensure that all those toxic fumes are vented outside properly. This provides optimal safety for your home and gives you peace of mind that your heating system is safe for your family.

Knowing When to Budget for a New One

Another great reason to invest in professional maintenance for your heating system each year is that your professional can help you properly plan for when you’ll need a replacement. As your furnace reaches the end of its life span, your heating professional will be able to alert you to approximately how many years you have left.

This will allow you to set aside money in your budget to adequately afford a replacement unit. Without regular maintenance, you’re going to eventually deal with an unexpected malfunction that leads to a new system replacement you’ll have to find a way to quickly fund.

Avoiding Electrical Hazards

While your furnace may run on a different fuel source, like natural gas or propane, it still uses electricity to operate properly. Over time, the electrical connections inside your heating system can erode and even become loose. This can create a fire hazard for your home when these exposed wires come into contact with surrounding materials.

During a typical heating system maintenance service, your technician will check each electrical connection to ensure that it’s tight. Additionally, they’ll visually inspect all your wires to ensure that none of them are exposed. Any identified problems will be remedied to ensure that you don’t have any electrical fires.

Cheaper Repair Costs

Annual furnace maintenance provides a great perk of cheaper repair costs for your system. It does this in two main ways. First, major components are inspected during your maintenance to ensure that they’re operating properly. This means any parts that malfunction are typically smaller components that are cheaper to fix.

Second, when you utilize a heating professional for annual maintenance service, they will typically give you a cheaper rate on their labor when it comes to necessary repairs. Contacting an HVAC provider only for repairs can cost you extra, and it may take them longer to respond than if you were an existing customer with a valid maintenance agreement. HVAC companies know that properly maintained heating systems are much less likely to experience a major problem than systems that aren’t adequately maintained.

Expert Heating Services

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