Home comfort technology keeps getting smarter and smarter – with more advances in the works. For starters, Wi-Fi-connected thermostats can now allow you to adjust home comfort settings anywhere, anytime, through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Homeowners love this practical convenience for improving comfort and controlling energy use, and that’s only the beginning.

Vents are also getting smarter. And why not? Vent sensors can now connect to your Wi-Fi thermostats so you can check temperature, humidity and pressure in each room. Then you can direct more cooling to or away from designated rooms. Maybe send more cooling to the kitchen, for instance, and a little less to the rooms of shivering kiddos.

Motion-sensor cooling and heating that has been used for office buildings could soon be coming to a home near you. Just like motion-sensor lighting, the cooling or heating is adjusted automatically as people enter or leave a room.

Also, new systems are getting smarter about themselves. Self-diagnostics is the trend for diagnosing issues and allowing you to be better informed before you call your technician. As all your home systems become smarter, you can also expect to see a greater push toward integration – and being able to control home comfort, lighting, security, and electrical from one central location.

Yes, home comfort has come a long way from the days when “on” and “off” were pretty fancy innovations in technology.

If you’d like to talk about how the latest advances can improve your comfort, let us know.

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